Can Bliss Help?

Can spiritual bliss help me?

How Spiritual Bliss Helps

Spiritual bliss has many benefits, here’s a list of some I have experienced.

  • Increased well being
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased focus
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased positive influence over environment
  • Increased consideration of others
  • Increased stress resilience
  • Increased energy
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased intuition
  • Increased inspiration
  • Increased innovation
  • Increased relaxation

And maybe most importantly, decreased focus on self.

Also spiritual bliss works to ease or remove suffering caused by patterns such as,

  • If only I was more successful
  • If only I was more effective
  • If only I had more energy
  • If only I was better under pressure
  • If only I was richer
  • If only I was in love
  • If only I was better looking
  • If only I was smarter
  • If only I was funnier
  • If only I was more confident
  • If only I was more genuine
  • If only I was more popular
  • If only I was happier
  • If only I was more enlightened
  • If only I was less stressed
  • If only I was __________

This list goes on. It’s common for us to experience things in life we don’t want to, at the times we least want to. And, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are times in life they can become a problem, and then they require a solution. This process is one such solution, to learn it click here!

Beat suffering, empower yourself

When we experience something unwanted as all that exists at any one point, suffering can come. But, when you have bliss, you can fear, you can desire, you can be stressed and you know what? It really doesn’t seem so serious anymore. It’s not a big deal at all. The key to freeing yourself, lies within. And, whilst I can help you use that key, the person you need most of all is not me or anyone else but yourself.

You have to be pretty motivated; if you don’t have that motivation, anything I can show you is useless.

If you have any (or even all) of the symptoms below, coupled with an extreme motivation to surpass them, the process can help you.

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Insecurity
  • Sensitivity
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Over Analysis
  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Desire
  • Over controlling
  • Inner heaviness
  • Guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Fear
  • Hate
  • Grudges
  • Addiction – drugs, drink, sex, buying etc.
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Self consciousness
  • Low self esteem
  • Nervousness
  • Paranoia

Over time, a spiritual bliss will come that is there, whether any of the above symptoms are there or not. As that bliss increases, the symptoms above often gradually fade or disappear all together. Remember, most importantly, you must have an extreme desire to evolve from your current experience. To move from wherever you are now to a bliss that is beyond happiness. And, when you do that, as a bonus, you might just make the world a little better place, too.

Practical uses of spiritual bliss

It’s more than just blissful. Creativity increases, intuition increases, clarity increases, focus increases, confidence increases and inner strength increases. To be in tune with bliss, to experience bliss, is incredible. For myself, like a lot of teachers, I live the classic lifestyle of enjoying it for its own sake. I largely stay there, immersed in it, with it, being it connected to it. But, it has many other uses. It is incredibly useful when combined with pre-existing talents and a more mainstream life. I know of no better performance aid for those that seek enhanced clarity, effectiveness, creativity and empowerment in the worlds of the arts, business, sports, politics and law enforcement. Bliss is also equally effective in assisting social interactions, parenting, and relationships.

I know of no better performance aid for those that seek enhanced clarity, effectiveness, creativity and empowerment.