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More questions before you apply?

Unless you are one of my paying clients, if you have a question, I regret it will not be replied to.

All questions pertain to a relative level. No matter what goes on there, the absolute – that which observes them within, is unaffected. I thus have no desire or motivation to get you more involved in your self, on a relative level, when what you should be doing is focusing as what is always there, aware of you and unmoved by the questions.

Whatever question you have, whether it is in the FAQs or not, the best answer is always this:

Something is naturally there and exists regardless of your experience.  It is there, even if I type mumbo-jumbo, mumbo-jumbo. It is there when you read, when you talk, when you philosophise, when you debate, when you laugh, when you dance and when you sing. It in itself is not observable; it is the unobservable observer of you and all your experiences.

All words, this website, all teachings and all explanations pail in insignificance compared to the bliss that can be cultivated within you.

Paying clients and my fees

If you are interested in being one of my paying clients, you can reach me by letter only by writing to me at the address below. All letters must be handwritten and include proof of ability to pay my fees.

I will only take clients I know have the right set of circumstances to provide us a good chance of success. It’s your job to convince me your case is worthy of my time, and that you have the motivation to finish our job. Should you be initially selected, a non-refundable deposit of £20,000 is payable to allow us to meet and both parties be satisfied with each other before we finalise our working agreement.

Please note, should you be accepted as my client, my fee is a retainer of £6,000 per day, payable monthly, for a minimum time period of two years. If I accept you as a client, 10% (£438,000) is payable after our first meeting before we begin. This gives you unlimited personal access to me as long as it doesn’t interfere with my commitment to other clients, 24 hours a day, by phone, email, Skype and face to face. I take no more than five paying clients per year, and am taking none on until December 2012.

If my fees are above your personal means at this moment, I also have one free space for a client, but they must be able to demonstrate an extraordinary amount of influence and be willing to use that influence to assist others as well as meet the usual criteria of free time and extreme motivation.

How to apply

Please address your application, clearly marked for paid client or the free client, to the below address. Application is by handwritten personal note only of at least 5,000 words.

If you seek to be a paid client, I require evidence of an income of at least £250,000 a month or cash reserves of over £1 million in the form of photocopied or print outs of bank statements.

Please do not arrive to see me personally at this address as you will not gain access to me.

F.A.O Barclay Littlewood
All Answers Ltd.
Venture House
Cross Street