Rather than ask a question and expect an answer, it’s far better to be that which observes, allows, and is still here despite the questions, the doubts, and the desire for knowledge. As you’ll see from the science page, doing that changes your brain over time and creates the experiential change in well being.

The key to my method is not hidden away in thes words, but within you. Identify and practice being that which is always there, which naturally observes all else and is already free! For this reason, I don’t really advocate the use of FAQs because that natural observing awareness, or mindfulness, is still there, no matter what you are reading or doing.

What you are looking for is within. It’s there when you chat with friends, watch your favourite comedy show or listen to music, so why not do those instead, and find what is always there and remains unmoved, then be that? It’s a lot more fun than reading FAQs! All that is relative, all that can be said, thought, felt, and taught is a drop in the ocean compared to the bliss of the absolute you that can be mindful and aware of everything!

As you read each question, no matter what is said, you are aware of it, alive to cognise it and that is something that is with you for your entire life. It’s there now, totally free and natural, so practice being that which is unabsorbed, unaffected, and always there.

Over time, you have my word, bliss will come.

Good luck!