The Bigger Picture

Peace Within, Respect for Others, Love for the Planet

The finding of bliss was the result of a lot of hard work. I did a lot of philosophising, I perhaps went too deep, but on my way I learned a lot. Life is really an interrelated whole. Atheists, religious people, New Age spiritual people, all share the same source. Respect for the individuality of people is key. A consideration of others feelings and a desire not to cause them harm, suffering, or problems, important. So too we must look after our environment and protect it.

I share the power that causes bliss with you, not to make you similar to me, simply to share it, so you know of it’s existence.

The power that causes bliss, is the main source of my peace. This means I’m less reliant on others for my well being than before. This is far from a bad thing, it means they can cure me less suffering and I can be a better person towards them.

Perhaps, even more important than what I have found, is how you react to it. Perhaps that shows the most of all about yourself and your journey.