Experience Of Bliss

Experience Bliss

What I offer – experience Bliss

Bliss is the result of an ever present something within you. Something beyond an experience. We have learned through science it can be cultivated, via understanding, and a sound methodology and practice! Whether you just want  bliss as a goal in itself, or in order to assist you in business, sports, the arts, relationships, or anything else, I know of no better way to empower yourself, and enhance your life.

Bliss is an ever present peace and calm, beyond simple happiness.

Okay, let’s get a bit technical for a moment. Bear with me because I promise you, it’s well worth it!

The brain uses neurons to communicate, using electricity. This electrical activity, operates along many different frequency ranges. Science has found something can alter these ranges and the resultant neurochemicals we release change.

Our brainwaves and the resultant neurochemicals can alter in two ways. The first is from that which naturally observes our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, reactions and so on. The second is from outside, such as changes in our environment and through using different tools, such as music, and isochronic tones.

This has the effect of retuning our brains to peace. Our brains can often become untuned through no fault of our own, but down to past experiences, or our daily lives. This detuning often results in too many brainwaves in a specific range, such as the beta range, and the resulting symptoms, such as addictions, dissatisfaction, inner noise, anxiety, stress and anger.

You can’t turn bliss on right away; the ever present within you does take time to change your brainwaves, but bliss can be cultivated via a little understanding, and letting go to that ever present.

What’s in a name?

First, call the experience of bliss what you like. It’s gone under a million names: flow, silence, stillness, nirvana, consciousness, spirit, enlightenment, God, awareness, the absolute, divine energy emptiness, the self, non duality, oneness, life force and source.

I’m not here to talk names. I am here to show you there’s a scientifically proven process which all the names point to, that you can access! We can waste so much time getting hung-up on terminology.

What we are talking about here is a process change evidenced by a specific brain state.

How on earth can I transmit my state of bliss on to you? I can’t. All I can do is assist you with finding what cultivates it within yourself by telling you what worked for me.

A fully scientific method

Secondly, I wanted to develop a wholly scientific method based on facts alone. A method to help those that want personal peace that the many belief systems, and eastern paths help create or discover. My method points to something everyone shares and can equally work alongside other paths. Bliss can be experienced by everyone no matter who they are and what beliefs they have – if any.

A Means to an end

Thirdly, I will gladly say that my method (we can loosely call it a method) is just one of many. It will suit some and not others. It is far from the only way to reach bliss within. Ultimately, it’s a tool and a means to an end result. The resulting bliss can be obtained in many other ways I’m sure. It’s that result of connection with that source and the blissful peace that comes which I feel is always more important than the method used.

Where my method differs from a lot of others however is it deals with scientific fact alone. No beliefs, no faith, no stories, no doctrines, no prescriptions of how to act and no rituals are required nor are you hindered if you have them, believe them, or use them. Ultimately, nothing but fact, a little understanding, and time are required.

The method itself works in a way that can be scientifically observed, evidenced by changes in your brain, due to changes in your brainwaves and neurochemicals. In plain English, that means you feel better, more of the time.

When bliss comes, you’ll never have felt so good. Real wealth, real richness, real success and real joy that’s permanent will be yours. A force which will catapult all aspects of your life to new heights of effectiveness. Career, love, social, family or simply being on one’s own — all of it will just be better!