Referral Fees

Referring Clients

If you have access to high net worth clients, I pay a 10% referral fee for the duration of the client’s time with me, worth a minimum of £438,000 over two years. Simply write to us at the following address to register your interest:

F.A.O Barclay Littlewood
All Answers Ltd.
Venture House
Cross Street

Use of Your Fees

Money from my client’s fees are apportioned as follows –

1) 25% to myself
2) 25% to my family and friends
3) 25% to raise awareness of my method
4) 25% to projects to help people with my method.

Over the next few years I’ll be setting up a free school which has my method and the potential of the human brain at it’s core, as well as recovery centres to help people with drug addiction issues through natural and safe measures.

A guaranteed percentage of 25% of your money will go to help others that really need it, and make a huge difference to their lives. Should you have ideas regarding where you’d like your money to be apportioned, I am always open to trying to accommodate my client’s requirements.