How Enlightenment Feels

Q. How do I know when I am enlightened?

A. The permanent bliss of  the absolute you is always there. It is being itself, as you, as it, you are connected to it. It simply is. Nothing in the relative detracts from it. The relative and the absolute co-exist naturally and easily.

Q. Shouldn’t the relative disappear so only the absolute remains?

A. No. This is a stage where the absolute increases in ones experience, a sort of “impersonal seer” state where one feels they merge with reality, but there is no one there to “merge with it” and no “it” to be merged into. Once comes out of this and back into balance over time. The reality is dualistic (relative) and non-dual (absolute) at the very same time; the bliss of the absolute co exists perfectly with the relative you.

Q. I have discussed the bliss I have felt and people have said that bliss is the last impediment to enlightenment. Is this true?

A. People throw around a lot of statements out of context or from what they have learned.  It’s easy to talk the talk and not walk the walk and vice-versa. This comment likely pertains to the ecstasy of temporary bliss. The bliss of the absolute you is ever present yet it has to break through at some point and be experienced by a seemingly different “something else” – the relative experience of “you.”

Don’t worry — focus as/on the bliss of the absolute you; it will do all the work naturally. When there, you shall see there are no impediments at all.

Bliss is the doorway out. Focus on it. Be it. Don’t ignore it! Enlightenment is the permanent experience of bliss, unhindered, and unmasked by anything at all coupled with ethical understanding and practice. Consciousness/the absolute you is the pure bliss of being. It is overflowing with incredible joy. The only way it is a final impediment is if it can cause is the mistake that there is bliss; then the one that experiences bliss and that these are two different things. However, this is a necessary stage. It can be long understood that the other states are not a separate “me” but this personal fragrance will remain. The mind’s energy — its neurology — must be shifted to the alpha and theta range,  it cannot be switched off instantly. When the time comes, it comes, and only the pure bliss of consciousness remains and every sight, sound, thought and thing is the bliss of consciousness/the absolute you alone.

Q. Can enlightenment help with sexual attraction?

A. Of course. From a man’s point of view, if you look at the game of sexual attraction, that is what is going on.
Nice guys don’t get the girl; they are too easily hurt or upset or often insincere about the fact they are acting in self-interest. Edgy guys without a care for the woman but for sex who will lie and cheat do better, but those that do best of all are those that are not phased by anything. They are totally tuned into a way of being, and they are firm with what they’ll allow and accept from others. They won’t allow anything that’s off tune. They can be edgy, but with good intentions. They are not deceitful and they don’t transgress, but they won’t be walked over, they stand their ground, and they exude a natural confidence, a charming cheekiness, strength  all of which cannot be eroded by anything.

They aren’t intimidated by her or her beauty no matter how striking it is. They are someone who doesn’t need to be accepted by anything outside but is the acceptor, the subject. If you look at the mirror of consciousness, women are the objects; they want to be desired, loved, coveted, prized, treated, be won over, dominated and teased. Men are the subjects; they want to desire, to do the loving, to covet, to prize, to treat, to win over, to dominate and to tease.  Ideally, they don’t need anything the woman does – and if they do – they  can be rejected. Likewise, women that exhibit subjective characteristics often turn men off; men don’t like to be chased as the object but be the chaser, the subject.

Enlightened men set boundaries and playfully highlight when these are crossed. They are sincere and make it obvious they need to be impressed too. They disarm a woman’s often dismissive, reactive, and testing comments. They bypass her whole rejection mechanism in the beginning stages of attraction, seeing it for what it is – a test of inner strength. There is an authority there, a confidence, a self assuredness and a lack of attachment to results, which creates independence, dominance, composure and self-assuredness. Then, it is him that is seen as prize and the attraction happens in the woman.