I Don’t Understand Your Method!

Q. Are you just saying be yourself? Isn’t that the absolute or real “me” you speak of?

A. In one way, yes be yourself. But, this hinges on the definition of “yourself.” It implies simply be as you are. The issue with that is it implies there is also nothing to be done to reach bliss. Not so. So be yourself that highest, unchanging “you” to which all else has ever occurred and happened and to whom all occurs and happens even now, but remains, somehow, beyond them all, observing them all, consciously or subconsciously. Be that. Over and over and over. Bliss will come.

It’s still there if I type, mumbo-jumbo, mumbo-jumbo. It’s there whatever you are doing, whatever you are reading. It’s not in these words; it’s in you.

Q. I have done a lot of spiritual work and don’t agree with you or your method. How do you respond?

A. Good, don’t agree. Let the relative be as it wishes! There is nothing to agree with. Agreement or disagreement takes place in the relative only – and you are aware of both – which is a fact! If you are experiencing the bliss of that which is aware of, unchanged by the agreeing or lack of, then your job is done. If not, find and be that which all else happens to, which is beyond all content, and practice being that.

Q. Do we need the term bliss, the “real me” or “absolute me”?

A. No. You don’t really need any term at all. Any term is relative, so in that way, it has already failed! You were you before you heard all these terms!

Bluntly, there’s no need to get yourself in a twist with relative terms. Call it what you like and think of it how you like; it’s still relative to the actual experience and results.  Specifically we are talking about experiencing  bliss that comes from being that which observes all terms. It can be given many names, and it can be tried to defined and explained in the relative, but it just can’t do the experience justice because just like saying what love is, it is not love!

Ultimately, it is the absolute within you – the “you” — that remains untouched by all else and is always there, was there before you even heard of the concept, and that is something you have to practice being to experience bliss for yourself.

Q. I have read the website. Isn’t there more to learn?

A. No. The answer cannot be in these words alone; it can only be created and experienced within you. I could write thousands of pages should you wish and still you would have questions. Yet, something/some ability has remained unchanged in you there before the questions and there afterwards – find that natural awareness. It’s inside of you, irrelevant of these words.
Bring the mind inwards, focus on being the you that is ever present and is aware of the questioner, and the question and practice. You need just a little understanding but a lot of hard work. Find that which is absolute within you, the “you” that does not change and observes all else.   All words are relative, and you are aware of them all! It’s so obvious! Find the absolute factor within, practice being it, and there you shall find the peace of bliss. Remember, anything I say or teach will always be relative to you, and your consciousness and your ability to be aware – it can never be the absolute within, it can never be what you must find for yourself.