Q. What is God?

A. That largely depends on who you ask. I don’t often use the word God, because it’s a very loaded term already filled with your ideas. All I will say is that the feeling of bliss is certainly divine in nature, but what it is, I leave to your interpretation.

Q. What is the Devil?

A. It is whatever you say or think it is. You give it power. I see it more as being something inside of you, than on the outside – inner hatred projected on others. It’s what may lead you to call me the Devil for writing these words or for me to call you the Devil for denouncing them or disagreeing with them. It always exists in the subject, and often moves via counter reaction. It’s easy to see the power called evil or the Devil in action. It attacks others, often in the name of righteousness. An image of evil created in the subject, pasted onto “another” or outside object.

It attacks the idea of religion, it attacks the idea of atheism, it attacks those that attack both for attacking them and on and on. It attacks different races, it attacks racists, and it attacks those that appease both. The only end in sight, can be within you, to see that it is that hatred within that is the very issue itself.

Q. If there is a God, why all the bad in the world?

A. Neurology. Once we master our minds and neurology through the mechanisms that can now scientifically be said to exist, each of us can learn to purify the source of hate within.
Everyone  is seeking happiness whether if be through crime, fame, success, marriage, love, family, business, sexual abuse, drugs and on and on. The free will of it all is that  bliss is the highest happiness a human being can experience and the highest expression of unity.

Q. Is this bliss you feel Jesus, God, consciousness or something else?

A. I don’t say it is any of these or not any of these nor do I say anyone should say it is these or not any of these. As soon as I start saying it is things like God, Jesus, Shiva, The Blue Being, anything or saying it is none of them, I’m in the land of interpretation. So, I keep quiet on that; call is what you like, or don’t — the experience is what I help people with. Get there and then you tell me!
All I can promise with your hard work is the experience that I would best describe as divine in nature, but with hard work and with no need for faith or belief.

Q. Is prayer valid?

A. Use what works for you!