Q. What is a belief?

A. A belief is a subjective interpretation based on an objective experience that must exist in the relative. You may believe a person is sexually attracted to you because they smile at you or are chatty with you, but in the objective reality that could be just the sort of character they are!

If I say my experience is God or not God, it’s a belief either way. Only the experience is real, and even that very assertion can be said to a belief in some way, it being a relative interpretation.

Q. Do I need to believe in anything for this to work?

A. No, there is no need to believe in anything outside of “you” for the methods to work. Everything is done step by step, using a scientific methodology. You can think of everything simple as learning a little wisdom alongside giving your brain a retune in order to connect to bliss!

Q. What are views on faith, beliefs?

A. Use them if they work for you. If they work for you, they are effective; it’s all about results.