Problems Identifying the Real You

Q. I am struggling to find it. Please help.

A. What’s there no matter what I say, what you hear, what you think, perceive, feel, or what you do, to realise they are happening?

Q. Me. I am.

A. Do you experience the bliss of this me, or do you only experience what occurs because it is there? By that, I mean do you simply experience thoughts, perceptions, memories, feelings and so on?

Q. Yes, only those.

A. All those come and go. Yet you are aware of them all! So, find what is always there, never changes. Be it. Change your vantage point to that first, and bliss will come over time.

Q. Is this an idea?

A. No. What comes before an idea?   Is there no matter what  idea exists? Is there before and after you even answer? No matter what my answer? Is there now, and will be there in six months time?  Is there no matter what ideas comes and go? Has been there through all the help books you have read  all the gurus words you have listened to and all the songs you have heard?

Q. Is it the witness or awareness?

A. What is aware of even that statement? Find it! Whether you try to be aware or not, it’s still there! Does that which is there, always, free of all content, of all occurrences, does it need to witness or be aware, or is it just there? It simply is. Be it; bliss will come.

Q. Do I need to change first?

A. You can mess around with the programming of who you are as much as you like, but  that ability or that which is able to observe the programming will stay the same. Practice being that which has never changed despite all changes and bliss will come.

Q. I can’t seem to find it in me. What should I do?

A. If I can come along and suddenly tell you something you didn’t know – and you begin thinking,  “ohh I am awareness, ohh I am consciousness,” that’s not it. It was there before I told you about it and it’s there now and hasn’t changed – you — the ever present you, the container without the content, the screen without the movie, the viewer without the viewed. It’s the thing that was there when you began reading this explanation and the thing that is still there now. That which observes all else with effort or without. Something in you hasn’t changed whilst other reactions, thoughts, ideas came and went in its space. Yet, the space remained, unaltered. It’s subtle. Do you have it now? Do you see it’s the same now you have it as when you hadn’t – unmoved. That. Be that. Bliss will come.

Q. Can I get it from someone else’s words?

A. This is the folly of the relative. You read the Web — words from others — but you only see the surface. That ever present in you is present in everyone — Christians, Muslims, 2012 Believers, Scientologists, Atheists, spiritual teachers teaching, their students bickering, spiritual teachers bickering with each other — it’s all just a layer. My words must seem as equally strange to them as theirs do to mine. No matter what you think, what goes on in the relative, you’re still there to be mindful of it. Be that. Go deeper into it and the bliss remains. One can only ask, how much do they experience this bliss? From what they say and do, it’s impossible to know. But, one thing is crystal clear now — there are many paths, so many ways to this, and a lot more people have got there than you ever thought!

Q. How do I identify this constant that I need to see we are in order to reach bliss?

A. It’s the container without any content. It’s pure, unaffected… It’s always there in the background, observing all consciously or unconsciously. You’ve always been there to observe everything, haven’t you? Forget all the content and all experiences in your life. Who you think you are, your beliefs, your character, your aversions, perversions, sensitivities, fear, hopes, aspirations, love, pain, your memories, your goofiness, your uniqueness, your sameness, your weirdness, your anger, your weakness, through all your searching, all your debates, all your confusion, it’s none of those, it’s all so unaffected by them… still there… just waiting for you to notice it! Same before them as it was after them and will be forever there as long as you live. Unchanging. What is it? You tell me. Find it — what’s right there now, already free, and be it. Be it no matter what comes and goes. Bliss will be yours.

Q. There has to be more I can do to identify it, right?

A. All advice based on the relative is ultimately useless. Forget it, don’t forget it, read it, don’t read it, agree, disagree, so what, who cares. Care or don’t care. Be silent within, be noisy. Think a lot, don’t think a lot, be in the moment, live in the now, live in the past, live for the future. Change, be nicer, be greater, be lesser, be worse. You can observe that all can’t you? And, you can observe that, too. It was there before them all and is still there now. It was there before you read this and it is still there now. It was there when you were born, and it will be there until you die. Find it, live life from its vantage point as is and the changes you see happened to my brain will happen to yours, bliss will flow.

Q. I have the absolute factor identified. How do I now practice being it to bring bliss?

A. Simply by being you from its vantage point as it were — the unmoving, unbothered, ever present within you that observes all else. Right now, in the past, you’ve being solely your content, the observable. So, instead, be the container, the observer for a while. Of course, saying, “be the container/observer,” is limited by relative terminology when you’re trying to be that. It’s already contained, already observed, and it’s that which I speak of, but hopefully you get my meaning! Soon bliss will come. After that, you’ll be able to be both as the same time.  Nothing in the relative — no amount of fear, uncertainty, stress or anger will detract from it.

Q. Do I need to stop living via concepts?

A. No, live by them, don’t live by them. Be sad, be happy, be simple, be complex, and it’s still there.

Q. I haven’t had any success yet. How long will it take me to experience bliss, and for it to become permanent?

A. That really depends on the individual. Maybe six months to a year to experience bliss for the first time, and a year to two years after that to make it permanent. Whatever exists instead of bliss, be that which is unchanged and always there and practice.

Q. I have read everything and I don’t get it! Nothing has changed!

A. Are you aware that you don’t get it? Yes, of course, you are. Well then, you get it. You are greater than the confusion, you are observing it; it is not observing you! The method can’t not work  because, in effect, it working or not working is relative and observable by that which I speak of! – In other words, you are equally conscious/aware of both it working or not working. So, focus as being that “real you” that awareness/ever present/absolute factor over and over… no matter what feelings or thoughts of getting it come up and no matter what is thought, perceived, felt or done. Just let them all come and go. At first nothing will happen, and doing it just sounds like a useless and hollow statement… We are so used to instant rewards… yet, give this time… the brain needs time to change. Over time, peace will come as the absorption in the relative moves to what allows it to be, the absolute, the bliss of that “real you” that  does not change.