About Me

Q. Aren’t you deluded?

A. I can tell you only two things. The first is that the experience is real, and I have scientific proof of that. The second is how I got to it.

Beyond that anything I tell you about it is interpretation (which regularly changes anyway!), and I will gladly accept my path as a necessary delusion! Once you reach bliss, there is no doubt that all paths lead to it. None can really be said to be truer than the other, (or can be, it matters not) they are fit for purpose, different places, different times, different people.

The experience is not a delusion however, this you must be really clear about. It’s just as real as your likely experience of non-bliss, (something I too have experienced) but a progression, development of it and something that can be scientifically observed.

Both are equally as real when in them. If you do not experience bliss, you live in an experience that I would describe as open to further development.

Q. What are you like as a person?

A. I am quite free with how I speak, quite open. I don’t have many boundaries. I like to joke around and laugh, poke fun and tease. I am quite self absorbed, lazy, I can be sensitive, impatient, too serious, and over analytical. Yet, through all this, the bliss remains.

Q. How do you answer detractors of your method?

A. What is there to detract from? What I speak of, is not visible in the relative, but is within you. It remains, no matter what is said in the relative. There’s no debate. Because whatever is debated, the container, awareness, ever present, absolute you, is still freely there and untouched. I am fine with all detractors. It would be rather hypocritical of me to layout a method to help achieve peace and freedom, then in the name of peace and freedom, create friction and trouble in order to somehow cultivate it! People have been doing that for too long.

Any detractor can only really question what I experience, and I have proof of that, so the argument is over right away. Like I have always said, the experience is real. Interpretations are flimsy, and subjective.

I know how weird this must seem to some people, because it would have done to me! Just because something is not being experienced by someone however, does not mean it doesn’t exist or cannot be experienced by someone else.
There is no need for debate or discussion over support or otherwise. The science is there, the need evident. Detractors change nothing, use the methods if they help you, don’t if they don’t, no worries!

Q. I am trying to get a feel of your experience, can you tell us what teachings/methods you have been through since 2006?

A. Sure, personal development, use of conscious and subconscious, use of habits, broad spirituality, unconditional love, awareness, non duality, beyond experiencing, stillness, silence, Zen, Buddhism, Adviata Vedanta and Neo Adviata Vedanta, self enquiry. And highest of these all, is that absolute factor, which is aware of them all, remains unmoved by them all, that which exists within, regardless of all relative words and teachings, something which was always there.

None of these teachings, nor what I can say, can be the absolute within you, they are always relative to that. They all must eventually fail at conveying truth. It is up to you to identify that truth in yourself, and practice being it.