Teaching & Money

Q. Why will you only teach high wealth/high profile clients?

A. I won’t even teach them. I only want highly motivated, high wealth or high profile clients, and they need to convince me they are ready, chase me, and track me down.

I have made myself a little visible, not too much. I don’t try and procure clients because I have nothing to prove, nothing to gain, and no desire.

I won’t travel to them. I don’t care how much money they have or how much they try and persuade me. The student must be more motivated than the teacher or the whole affair is a waste of time from the beginning. If a client can’t be bothered to apply by handwritten letter to make the trips to see me, they certainly are not in the right condition to create bliss. We are talking about the greatest challenge on this earth to a human being with the greatest possible reward. Nothing but 100% dedication will do.
It’s also a matter of focus. In the long term, due to their influence, work with such clients will mean the work I have done will eventually reach more people.

Q. Isn’t teaching for money wrong?

A. That’s a very limited viewpoint. Look at everything so worthless that is sold today, to admonish someone for selling something so precious as this makes little sense. So many things that are in reality worthless objects are sold for millions. What about selling someone a car for a million pounds? It’s nothing more than a toy, or worse, something that fails to quench the desire of the buyer leaving them searching for their next fix.

I’m not keeping anything secret — the information is there and has been for thousands of years in different guises. All I have done is bring it up to date with modern science and provide a personal service. I believe you have to charge what something is worth in order not to undervalue it. £180,000 a month for this is cheap. If you experienced bliss, you would know. It’s worth £100,000,000 more; it’s priceless, and nothing else that can be bought and can match this.

Q. What do you with the money you earn from teaching?

A. Half goes to me and my family and friends, 25% to help people with my method, and 25% to increasing the impact and awareness of what I teach to bring it to as many people as possible.