Other Theories

Q. Your work seems in conflict with what many others say. What do you have to say about that?

A. I could write 2,000 pages criticising their terms and their views and they, too, of me. The answer and the experience are not to be had in the relative. Whatever they say and whatever I say, nothing in the absolute — that which you need to connect to/practice being to create the permanent experience of bliss — changes in me nor in them if they are genuine.

Such is the limitation of the relative, the observable.

My terminology has changed so many times and probably will do in the future. I’m already prepared for that and I’d be a fool to get hung up on it now. It only comes down to this one truth. How much do you experience bliss and peace from your way?

Focus on what remains aware unchanged as you read all. Find that and then practice being that.

Q. What are your views on philosophy?

A. An very undeveloped species attempts to define the absolute via the relative instrument of the mind. I have written thousands of pages intended to solve the issues of the human condition and our interactions all it did is was take me further and further from personal peace. None of what is written can come close to experiencing the bliss of the brain in deep alpha/theta state.

Q. I find myself getting wound up in complex theories and explanations of spirituality, life, and non-duality and  they make my head hurt. What do you recommend?

A. Read them or don’t read them. Place your focus on the observer of what is read and your reactions to it  rather than as the reactions and practice being it. This will began to shift your brain into a different wavelength range. Hundreds of pages are not needed for the nirvana of permanent bliss to be obtained; just simplicity and much practice. All you read is relative to your consciousness so, too, are your reactions relative. They are not the absolute within and never can be because they are all observable

Q. I find myself getting involved in complex theories of the mind and human interactions often what if scenarios pertaining to the past. It’s like my mind is trying to figure something out and show me the ultimate way to be in each situation. What should I do?

A. The mind is trying to find peace through these mazes but can’t, causing you discomfort as the joker under the guise of the sage. This is relative energy — beta brainwave level activity centred around analysis. Bring the mind inwards and focus as the observer of these things/what allows them to be/what is ever present and changes within your brain will begin to take place. They will pass and the joker shall fool you no longer!