I Hate this Shit – Myths & Concerns Answered

Q. Isn’t this is all quite weird, a lot of hocus pocus?

A. I guess I would say the same if I hadn’t have tried it myself. It can seem weird, yet this is science and fact, no matter what your ideas about it. In the end, the experience is real and the path one of many. It is your interpretation of it that’s weird and, in the end, that’s down to you.

Q. Are you just trying to make people be like you and think like you?

A. Not at all, be as you wish, and think as you wish. Only a fool would argue that it’s not better to try and become more peaceful to look after others and yourself more. What matters more to me is that you have freedom. There’s nothing you have to do in my eyes. Be as you want and think as you want; if you want to experience bliss, this is just one of the many ways to do it.

Q. Is this brainwashing?

A. If I tell you it is or it is not, am I still brainwashing you in some way? We are all brainwashed. Upbringing. Culture. The Press. Advertising. Even the language we use was often not chosen by us. Our daily ways are far more automated than many realise, and heavily influenced by outside factors.

I prefer to say this is what is aware of all brainwashing. It is there whether or not or how you are brainwashed.
What I do is offer a way for you to take or leave based on your needs that allow you to see that conditioning of the “relative you” for what it is – something that happens to us all, and creates much suffering in many. It then provides a way to change the brain/mind and experience the bliss of the absolute you/consciousness.

There is no need to agree, or follow rules, simply, practice being the “you” that is unchanging  regardless of all appearances within you and outside of you. The goal is to give you back to your real self, not give yourself to anything or anyone else.

Q. Are you qualified for this job of teaching people?

A. I can’t really teach you much beyond a few basic facts but what I really do is assist you to work in the way you want, with the interpretation you have.

There are a thousand people who would tell you this or that about me and why I am not good enough because of how I have been to them and what I have done. We all make mistakes and we all cause suffering within and outside and I’ll never be perfect, but I can do my job, and do it well.

No one is able to conform to another’s mind, it is impossible, and as such the differences and judgments come. This is an internal journey — an inward one — once you are here, you will know the true potential of all people and the mind. All else that others say is simply a layer over the surface. I experience something that many do not; I have a method to achieve it. I don’t say to anyone be this or do that, stay as you are by all means, it is the same to me as not. If there is a peace you yearn, I offer this way for your consideration — no more.

Q. I don’t agree with your theory.

A. Good, this is beyond any agreement or disagreement. No one is asking you to agree. You cannot deny you are equally there to be aware or observe the agreement or disagreement. If you seek bliss, stay as that which is  aware of that lack of agreement and then practice as what is aware of all to bring you peace. There is a you that never changes despite the lack of agreement. Also remember there is no theory here, only proven science. You can change your brain/mind and you can change it through practice, a practice than can bring about a divine experience within.

Q. One of my friends said that I was into a lot of bullshit. I felt unpleasantly angry and annoyed at them and their ignorance.

A. Yet, you remain able to be mindful or aware to know that, they move in and out of a fixed space. So, be the you that is unmoved, the witness of the annoyance and anger, what allows them to be and what is unchanged by these words, of doing this or that. Th annoyance and anger point nowhere but are the issue itself.

Q. Exactly why would I want to enter this state you talk about? I am happy with my mind and personality I don’t want to lose it. What you talk about seems to be cold and de-human?

A. There’s nothing better than experiencing bliss! You will be sharper than ever in this state. Don’t worry about becoming mindless or being less of a human being. All realising the bliss of the absolute you means a shift in your brainwaves and the neurochemicals released.  Instead, you will be at peace,  and have a new vibrancy to your life; aside from that, you’ll be the same as you always were, but better — that I will promise.

Q. Isn’t being spiritual a lot of hippy shit?

A. Ha ha, no that’s your idea of the word. Being spiritual is a loaded term and best left alone. This practice is scientific; no belief in anything such a spirit is required. This is the development of inner peace through habit and retraining of your mind/brain for a more joyous life.

Q. Doesn’t everyone need an outer buzz to keep them on their toes? You need the lows to appreciate the highs!

A. Good point! This is not so much about getting rid of the highs and lows because they are relative; you’re still going to be happy, stressed, and up and down, but, in the background, you’ll have bliss, which is a lot stronger, so it’s like a really nice foundation or anchor, always there. A space you gain command of. The blissful feeling is always the same, but somehow different and never boring! In time the lows will piss you off less, and the highs don’t compare to the bliss. You still be you, still unique! You become a lot more empowered to affect your environment rather than it affecting you.
Just like you see and hear at the same time you can be in bliss and have all the other relative stuff as well.