Subject and Object of Mind

Q. What is meant by the subject and object of the mind?

A.  A lot of philosophy presumes a separate subject and object of the mind. Yet, the subject and the object of the mind are actually the very same thing. The “I” that experiences and that which it seemingly experiences are neurological phenomenon from the mind. So “I am stressed” is a state of stress. All the philosophical analysis in the world– is just analysis taking part on a certain brainwave frequency. There is no separate driver of the mind –a “you” and a mind that is driven by it  are the same thing – the mind. There is not two there; only one.  To access the frequencies of the brain that bring peace, be that which observes the mind/use the mind to observe itself.

Q. I find myself looking for completeness and happiness in relationship, jobs, and buying things, but it never delivers. Why?

A. You have tied your neurochemistry to outside objects. Completeness comes from within only. It does not come from what you buy, what you achieve or how people view you or treat you. All the other things are nice to haves, but they will only bring temporary satisfaction.  Practice allowing the mind to be, observing the mind.  Over time, this will tune you into completeness and satisfaction itself! It’s not really a matter of do this or do that, buy or don’t buy, chase love or don’t chase love. Rather cultivate and strengthen what is always there  no matter what you do or don’t do. Over time, desires fade of their own accord as you experience greater levels of inner peace due to practice.

Q. What’s your view on personal development?

A. I did a lot of it. It’s okay, you can get into better habits, and you’ll see the person you thought you were can easily be changed, and that’s useful. However, in the end, you won’t feel ultimately fulfilled from it no matter how much you try and polish everything! When you are always changing and striving, because there is no separate subject/object of the mind, restlessness and feelings of not matching up can be the outcome. Most personal development work takes place in the beta brainwave range. Observe the mind and you’ll begin to tune into the alpha and theta brainwave states and then peace will come.

Q. Why do I suffer if I hate?

A. If you are absorbed as the hate itself, as the hater, you will suffer. Yet, if you are absorbed  in the brain state that comes from practising being what observes the hate, you can even hate without suffering.

Q. Why do you advocate forgiveness?

A. For as long as you hold a grudge against others, it is you that has to experience the full force of the grudge! That is because the apparent forgiver and who/what it is forgiving are on a neurological level the very same things. Ultimately though, there is another way — forgive or don’t forgive, but practice being that which allows both to arise.