Q. I am religious/spiritual/atheist/I am unsure this practice meets with my beliefs.

A. No one is asking you to change your beliefs! This practice is equally for those with beliefs and those without. It is a common phenomenon/ability within all. All beliefs, or lack of them, are free to be as they are! This is about  observing the believer, and the beliefs and what is there whether they are there or not. There, with practice, you shall find peace whether you have beliefs or not.

Q. What do you say about religions?

A. All paths are relative. Being against religions can become its own religion! All can access peace. So, I say, if they work for you use them; if not, don’t. I respect the difference in that there is sameness and no difference. I respect your right not to respect difference too. Then there is no issue left within me at any avenue. That’s all I can do.

The experience they give is real, I have no doubt about that.

A clear fact we see with religions is geographical difference, showing it’s a case of exposure and popularity that helps them spread. Thus, the free will that many of them extol is not exactly accurate. If one religion says, “you can only reach peace by me, by us, and through our ways,” then this is polarisation, the results of which are friction, judgment,  and suffering – aspects which don’t “work” too well for producing peace. They all hinge on being told something or taught something, but what of those that have not been told or taught?

What I say here is only because of the lack of religion in my past, and the culture I am part of. It’s a path carved out of my past, and the only way it can be, I accept it as a necessary delusion; only the experience it has lead to is real.

Q. What about rituals?

A. They are relative to what is absolute. Use them or don’t use them, whatever helps you reach your goal.

Q. What of hell, heaven, and eternal life?

A. My method confines its reach to the known life on earth. To be in hell here is to be absorbed in the relative suffering of one’s mind. To be in heaven here is to be absorbed/connected to/tuned into the ever present/absolute, and as a result to find bliss.