The World

Q. What would you say is a true mark of success in the world?

A. It’s invisible. No one can see it. I couldn’t care less who you are, what your title is, what your status is, how famous you are, how you speak, where you went to school, who you know, where you live, how many boats, planes and cars you own, how many records you’ve sold, how many championships you’ve won and your wealth. It’s all nothing but a little icing on the cake. Anyone who has achieved all those things deep down knows that and they only lead to wanting more of the same.

The real wealth is within you. How much and how deeply you experience that – that bliss – is real success.

Q. What we need to do is eliminate all the hateful people in the world and then there will be peace.

A. What is better is to observe the maker of that statement, and the statement itself and stay as what is conscious of it and then you shall cultivate and tune into peace within. All hate  in the world exists within a brain/a subject somewhere, does it not? So, if we want to cure the world of hate, we each have to eliminate the hate at its source.

This approach done over the world will lead to the dissolution of hate as people awake to the real potential of their minds. If all people do that, no hate shall remain.

Hate is an absence of love just like darkness is just an absence of light. With practice, we can tune into bliss where no suffering shall remain.

Q. Why do people in the world suffer?

A.  The typical brainwave frequency range of our minds lends itself to suffering, yet this frequency range and the resulting neurochemicals that are released can be manipulated to bring peace.

Q. There is too much bad in the world, how can the bliss of the absolute you be realised whilst this goes on?

A. You aren’t going to change everyone else, but you can change yourself by tuning into the peace of bliss within. As long as you use the world and how others as an excuse to not do that, you’re robbing the world and yourself of peace.

Q. What is the best way to create unity in the world?

A. Create unity in yourself first. Until that is experienced, the unity outside of you cannot be experienced. The world you experience and your relationship with it, is a mirror of your relationship with yourself. Within there are what appears to be two polarised energies of the mind — the good and the bad, the wanted and the unwanted, the love and the hate. Yet, there is a you that remains unchanged by them all to observe them – a space through which all passes. Be conscious of all occurrences as your brain shifts into a different frequency range that creates bliss within.

The greatest philosophy is to leave people to be how they are. If all are perfection in your eyes, where is the imperfection? Let people try and change it if they wish and it makes them happy. Leave people to find their own way, to do their own thing and then there is no friction. Find your own peace and be glad of that.

Q. Why is there so much hate, anger, fear and stress in the world?

A. What you say may pertain to the image you have of the world, which often comes from the media. How much of these things are really in the world? Do we really know?

All these symptoms come from the brain/mind.  We live in a relative world, a very unstable, chaotic, and reactive world. If your mind is not tuned into a high level of inner peace or bliss, it’s going to be very fragile and very reactive.

These reactions lead a person’s behaviour and are then pasted over the outside world. There is no way it could be different to how it is right now, but it can be different for the future.

Q. What is the best way to act in this world?

A. Treat others well and ensure they treat others and you well.

Q. What is the best way to use my time in the world?

A. Reach your own peace first. Then, it depends on your skills. Consider helping others reach their peace.