Pleasure Seeking In Outside Things

Q. I always want more and more of things. They never seem to deliver real pleasure in the long run. How do I get of this cycle?

A. This is how desire works — more money, more sex, more status, more things, more highs. They satisfy you for a while and then the neurochemical hit wears off, and you want more. This is a problem because these things can’t be there all the time, and even if they were, you’d become a slave to them. You need more and more to get the same buzz. As long as you tie your brainwaves and, hence, neurochemistry and well-being to outside things, you’ll suffer in this way. The greatest pleasure is to tune into the bliss of the absolute you – that which is mindful of all else – and creates changes evidenced by your brain moving into the alpha and theta brainwave ranges. So, find that you that is there always, always aware of all the pleasure seeking and be that. Over time, these other things will become less and less important and you’ll find everlasting pleasure.

Q. I like to drink and it makes me happy. Do I need to stop drinking?

A. You don’t need to stop doing anything in the relative, simply, be mindful or aware of what you’re doing. Drink or don’t drink. In the end, however, there is no greater bliss than that within you. So, the desire to drink for happiness will naturally decrease.

Q. I want to get plastic surgery. Is this wrong?

A. Get it or don’t get it. It’s all relative behaviour again. If you’re doing it for happiness — to complete you — you’ll likely be disappointed because you’re tying well-being to something outside of you. Bliss within is greater than any happiness gained from outside, including surgery. Surgery may make you look better, feel better, and may make others treat you better, but still these improvements are nothing compared to the bliss within. That’s not to say don’t get them; just see them for what they are, an addition, icing on the cake, and nothing more.

Q. I have many other things that give me pleasure some of which I feel guilty about and others of which are excessive. How do I defeat them?

A. This is a very tough one. We are all wired to pleasure and I firmly believe that is all anyone on this planet is really doing –  trying to be happy, even when at times it involves causing significant harm to themselves or others. Yet, there is no greater pleasure than the bliss created by being the unchanging you. All you need do is practice; over time, the other relative things you do to seek pleasure will mean less and less. It’s a gradual process. Results can be experienced soon, but fully, it takes weeks and even years.

Q. How do you view sex?

A. On one level, it’s fun! On another, it’s the coming together of two polar opposites. As men often fail to embrace their feminine, and women, their masculine, both feel lacking and thus require the other for completeness. Go deep down into the bliss of consciousness itself, and you shall see both exist there, and you’ll feel more complete without the need for a partner. If a partner comes, it will be a bonus, not a matter of completeness.

Q. Must sex be abstained from?

A. Nothing in the relative; effects the experience of the bliss of the absolute – do it or not. Understand, however, anything relative — any relative pleasure — is never as wondrous as tuning into the bliss created from being that/connecting to that which observes all else within.

Q. I have sexual tendencies that I am ashamed of. What should I do?

A. Realise these tendencies are not you but arise in you. Commit to a firm resolve that anything that can harm others will harm you. Be that which allows them to be is being regardless and is aware of them. Realise you are only trying to make yourself happy but it is artificial, temporary happiness. Over time, you will deepen into the absolute you and the bliss there and the rest will dissipate the grasp and allure of any other pleasure seeking.

Q. I keep beating myself up for the past, things I have done to people to upset them and so on. What can I do?

A. These patterns are as they must be. The advice is always the same. Be that which is aware of them, mindful of them, naturally observing them, already free, and then, over time, the bliss of consciousness will become your main focus.