About the LearnBliss Website

Q. Isn’t this website preaching to the rest of us from your own perceived moral high ground?

A. No, not at all. It’s only because I have suffered from many of the symptoms outlined and caused  many of them in others as a result that I had to find a scientific way to reach peace that anyone can use. There is absolutely no one I can stand in judgment over or preach to. For all I care, be as you are.

I’d rather you be happy than follow this path. I don’t cling to it. It’s a tool for the job, not the job itself. I’ll happily say the words are bollocks, but the result is true.

When we cling to things too much, we can create so much trouble for ourselves and others. It’s a way, a method, that’s it! In the end, it’s bullshit, nothing close to the bliss it brings, which I know others experience through very different paths. My words are pointless pointers and have changed so many times and will change so many times in the future.

Q. Why is the website closed to comments, debates, and discussions?

A. Because comments and discussions don’t change the absolute truth; they are only relative to it. I can tell you I am in love, we can debate it, change the name of love, ask questions and still I am in love. Nothing changes. So, too, I experience the bliss of the absolute and that cannot change. All I have done is said you can experience it, too, and shown you one path to experience it. It is simply beyond debate. The bliss of the absolute me is the same as is in you as in anyone. Again, because you do not experience it does not mean you can’t experience it.

All I have to say is here on this websit, and can be applied. Any question anyone could have is answered here. Debating terminology becomes its own sport — a game of relative nonsense. One can experience the bliss of the source of the debate, or not, that is all there is to say. If not, practice.

Q What is your motive for creating this website?

A. Certainly not to debate the ins and outs of terminology or interpretation in an ivory tower. This can be done for years with very little real impact. It’s not to gain favour or followers. Not for any thanks or fame. Indeed, to those that experience bliss beyond happiness, these things are immaterial. Personally, after doing this website, I will be getting back to life and enjoying this bliss.

The real reason is that that there are people that suffer because of their interactions with the world. People’s lives are ruined and lost because they do not know of the power of the mind and the ways to use it to create total peace within. I set out a method, based on scientific fact, in order to help people end their suffering and return to the peace of bliss. It’s about the individual and their peace.

Most people are happy as they are I think. Everyone is free to practice or not, free to have their beliefs or not, free to follow it or not. It’s a take it or leave it affair. My experience is real and not changing. Whatever people say, however much they may disparage its teaching, it’s all relative and it’s worth the effort in order to promote peace, unity, and happiness within, which is something that can improve, even save lives.