Other Spiritual Definitions & Terminology

Q. I have read it is about unconditional love. What do you think?

A. This will get you so far. But, in the end, how can the mind, being a relative instrument, ever be truly unconditional? It is an instrument of contrast and comparison. As soon as you say one thing is love, another is not. Yet, how then can that be love? It’s a prism of hypocrisy.

Be that which allows the mind to be, that which observes the mind and you’ll experience bliss – a truly unconditional, deeper love that just is.

Q. I have read it is about silence. Do you agree?

A. Silence is very useful at quietening the busy mind. However, there comes a very advanced point where it doesn’t matter how noisy inside you are as in the end, all thoughts, all emotions, all you see, all you do, bliss remains.

 Q. I have read it is about being in the now. What do you think?

A. Not really. That’s not going to change your brainwaves and tune you into bliss.  I can tell you I can dream and I can look back as it where, not focus, be day dreaming; the relative can do as it likes. What we are saying here really is absorption. Better to be that which is conscious of, or allows the one that asks the question and the question itself, to arise and focus there.

Q. I have read it is about getting rid of the ego. What do you think?

A. The ego didn’t exist until someone came up with the idea. As soon as you hear of it, everyone seems to have ego. It has nothing to do with it. People can seem egotistical to you, and not to another. You can’t see levels of personal peace by anything observable.

Q. I have read it is about awareness. What are your thoughts?

A. Again, it’s all just terminology, but awareness is a good idea. Focus as what is aware of all, or allows all else, yes — that which is aware. Can you be aware of that? No, that would be relative to something else. So, it is even beyond awareness; or any term. You may call it the “you” with nothing added that never changes. It’s your inherent life force/or the unobservable observer. So, find the absolute “you” and then practice hard being that perhaps for days, weeks, and years.

Q. I have read it is about transcending experiences. What do you think?

A. Not really. Experiences come and go; transcend them or not. They are the relative and observable. Find what stays whether you transcend or don’t transcend your experiences, the absolute “you,” beyond these words, unaffected by them, untouched by them,  but still there and unobservable within  itself. Be that or practice doing that. Bliss will come due to the neurological changes it produces in the brain.

Q. Isn’t the final stage, –dissolution of body consciousness?

A. As that is relative and observable, I would say not. Body consciousness can come and go and bliss remains. There is no doubt, however, as the state deepens, body/mind consciousness begins to fall away.