Scientific Studies and Further Reading

Q. Scientifically, how can you say we are the absolute “you”/consciousness and what it is?

A. We are all life.  Life is what allows you to ask the question, and ultimately is the questioner and the question itself.

It is this; we are it. It is the very thing we are using to look for it! It is not some magical unknown force outside of us that we need uncover with our high-tech instruments and baffling equations. It is the force itself that allows us to make those instruments and equations, to use them, observe them, to change them. It is the force that allows belief and lack of belief in God and images that we may have of God. It comes before all else and it allows all else to happen. It allows me to make this statement and you to read it to agree or disagree with what I am saying!

The absolute you  consciousness, bliss awareness  whatever you want to call it, is really just another word for life. Th animating life force and the universe’s rules in motion. It animates cells, bodies, and is them; it moves the tide and is the tide. It is you right now and also not as we can see by your question. It is both observable as matter and what animates matter, whether caused by matter or not. It is the absolute reality itself – everything you can and cannot see. It has no purpose, but also all purposes, and the purpose you decide; it decides. It is what names itself – all names – needs no name, and a name. It is all science and all religion and neither.

Just stay as what is conscious of the question and the questioner and over time you shall realise, you are it or connected to it and bliss will come.

Q. How can you prove any of this?

A. Look for yourself — it’s very obvious there is one interrelated whole. Interpretation will be able to be debated/disproved in some way, but the experience is fact and cannot be disproved.

Q. Are we all one?

A. Yes and no. We are all interconnected. You are you and I am me, different, but of the same. The absolute “you” is the same as is in all living things — the same amongst all people. It remains whether you die or not. It is life. The relative “you” is part of the absolute “you” as well. It is not separate, but it can and does die, in terms of its separateness. When you die, it is gone,;it was always a unique, finite twist on the eternal.

Q. What about creationist theories and theories of evolution?

A. The life force — the absolute source energy — is both a creationary force and an evolutionary force as we can see by just looking at life. It is heavily interrelated and dependent on itself. There is no need for heavily polarised viewpoints – evolution does not disprove the theory of a separate creator, and creation which we cannot explain, does not disprove the fact evolution exists. It seems likely that we are relative shards of the creationary and evolutionary force, which is within us, powering our relative, separate experience of it. However, all these grounds are those of interpretation; what I like to do is guide people to experience it/a connection to it evidenced by changes in the brain.

The invisible, itself a product of the visible and one and the same, is able to evolve and change itself as I have shown in my brain scans.

Q. What scientific backing does your method have?

A. Results. Only the experience is real; all else is interpretation. Even your question is part of it; it must be because you are alive. It’s pure science. You are alive because you are alive — you have a brain and a mind that arises from your brain, giving an experience of “me.” You were born without asking to be, and were alive before the experience of “me” arose. Therefore the experience of “me” has to be relative to something else. You can think of that in two ways,- namely relative to you being alive – or the act of you being able to observe the mind and your experience.  To experience that absolute “you” is bliss. Many people are absorbed in the experience of the relative them as the total reality and as its own free-standing entity. Of course, it cannot be the absolute factor — that which allows/observes the relative experience of “me” to arise is the absolute factor.

Knowing this and practicing being it creates changes that are evidenced in the make-up of the brain due to what is called brain plasticity. The brain is very much like a muscle – the more you exercise it in a certain way, the better it gets at producing certain neurochemicals — something which can be shown with today’s scanning devices.

Q. Is the blissful state simply neurochemicals then?

A. It’s easy to just reduce it to that. For myself, I say the state is evidenced by changes in neurochemistry brought about by understanding and practice, anything else, is a matter for interpretation. Just like the universe, we can see it is there, we don’t know what is behind it if anything, but we all have our subjective interpretations of what it is. It cannot be the functioning of the brain alone because, if it were, the relative mind and all thoughts, emotions, etc. would not be able to co-exist alongside the bliss of the real you – it would be either or, and it’s not; stress or happiness and bliss can be there at the same time.

Q. Is there a scientific answer to the world’s problems?

A .  Yes, inner change to create peace within. The absolute energy that is life, in the form of us, has become wound up in its own very limited and relative experience somehow as a  seemingly never-ending pursuit of pleasure via power, possessions, and persecution. This leads to suffering, hatred, war and division.

The act of being that which observes the mind, or allows the mind, that unobservable, absolute factor within you, brings peace to you by changing your brainwaves and neurochemistry.

We are all interconnected with each other the planet, and the universe. Again, the quest to satisfy the illusory separate and relative “me” is raping the planet and destroying what is the real absolute “us.”

Through investigation, we can see there is really nothing separate about the “relative us” and how it is highly dependent on the blissful absolute in order to be.

Q. How can the mind not be our sole identity?

A. It’s scientifically impossible. Something was there to allow the brain and the mind to develop. It is still there whether one experiences it or not. People who lose their minds are still alive. The mind is a by-product of being alive. Being alive allows you to observe and change the brain/mind.

What has happened in the human race is that is seems to have got wound up in itself with the mind almost becoming its own energy. When we evaluate this we see it is just the relative experiencing, absorbed in itself as the relative. In the end, this experience is an illusion because there is a power, a force, life and the absolute “you” whatever you want to call it that allows it to exist or can be used to observe itself.