Are they Enlightened? Am I Enlightened?

Q. How should/does an enlightened person act?

A. There is a common misconception that they must act like anything. That’s your mistake because you are so wound up in the relative energy of the mind and the beta brain wave state and trying to change it to be a certain way. Be that which is aware of the change and stays the same no matter what relative change goes on and your brain/mind will shift into alpha and theta brainwaves and resulting bliss. When you experience permanent bliss, you shall see that  it is not dependent on anything in the relative or observable.

What you find is that which is at the source of all people or, at the very least, something all people can cultivate.

Q. How can you spot an enlightened person?

A. You can’t really. You will get a different vibe from them perhaps and maybe a look in their eyes, but you must have done some training usually to realise that. This is not about how people act, what they wear, what they say or think or their past of their future. All of these have nothing to do with a person knowing,  experiencing and connecting to that wonderful bliss.

One look at the world and you will see consciousness wears many billions of faces; it can’t be any  more or less itself, it is many billions of ways, and it is all itself in ignorance as much as itself in realisation. Ultimately then, one can either experience it or not, and nothing relative can be said to mean one experiences it or not because the experience of the absolute, being it in an enlightened person goes on no matter what occurs in the relative energy of the mind.

Most people think that others must agree with them and share the same views, ideas, beliefs, have followed the same path, done the same things and do the same things to be enlightened. Incorrect. You can be any faith, no faith, any path, any vocation or any character type.

Q. Is there a test to see if a person is really enlightened?

A. An MRI scan should be able to show the depth of the blissful experience, but even that cannot show permanence. That is something you have to trust the person’s word on — for now!

Q.  How can you tell if you are not enlightened?

A. There is no way for you to tell if I am or not nor me of you from what is said or done. It is totally unobservable through what anybody says or does, that being relative, and this experience being the absolute “you” that is its source. Only you know if you experience the bliss of the absolute you and to what extent.